Resort: Warth-Schröcken Lifts open/total: 88/ 97
Ski resort open: yes Opened from: 06.01.2020
Recent snowfall: 21.02.2020 Opened until: 19.06.2020
Snow level mtn: 150.000000000 cm Prepared slopes: 159 km
Snow level valley: 125.000000000 cm
Slope condition: new powder
Prepared hiking trails: 294 km

Current avalanche risk:



Level number: 2

• Snowpack stability:
The snowpack is only moderately bonded on some steep slopes* - otherwise generally secure.

• Avalanche probability:
An avalanche is likely to be triggered in the event of high levels of additional stress** - particularly on the steep slopes specified.

• Implications for skiers:
Large spontaneous avalanches are not expected. Favourable conditions for ski tours, taking into account local hazard spots.


Latest update: 23.02.2020 / 04:24 Uhr